CEPA Data Center

The Data Center Department supports and analyzes fleet safety programs. It encompasses a team of specialized analysts and an online data management tool that records and stores fleet activity, including:

On a monthly or quarterly basis, the Data Center Department issues and forwards to the fleet liaison and/or staff members in charge of the fleet safety program a report that includes statistical figures, such as: fleet mileage, total number of fleet vehicles, total number of events, and fleet indicators like “accident per million miles” or “percentage of vehicles involved in accidents”. A detailed analysis of the accidents that occurred in the period (type of accident, outcome, costs, etc.) is also provided, including practical recommendations that highlight key elements for steering the Program in to the future.

In addition to collecting, storing, and disseminating information, the Data Center Department offers guidance to staff members responsible for the elaboration and/or execution of fleet safety programs and action plans with regards to aspects that require immediate attention and Regional elements that call for greater emphasis.

The data management software (CEPA Data Center) is a flexible tool that can be tailored according to the needs of each Company.