CEPA Safe Drive Program

The CEPA Safe Drive Program comprises:

Consultancy and Research

Services aimed at not only facilitating the implementation and control of Fleet Safety Programs, but also assisting clients with relevant decisions regarding direct and indirect costs related to the fleet.

Accident Investigation

A service that provides detailed information on traffic events involving vehicles/drivers that comprise the client’s fleet.

Fleet Analyses

A service that includes a functional, operational, and safety status analysis of those vehicles that comprise a fleet.

CEPA Data Center

A data management platform that allows online access, tracking and follow-up of the Company’s fleet safety program. The system provides updated performance reports and graphs as well as relevant information on the status of fleet vehicles and users.

Driver Training

Accident prevention and driver training programs aimed at the different types of fleet vehicles and users. The theoretical and hands-on modules focus on analyzing and seeking out practical solutions for the main aspects and hazards present in traffic. Additionally, CEPA counts on distance learning resources that use of a wide array of electronic media to coach drivers and disseminate accident prevention knowledge.