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Your company’s fleet of vehicles is a key work tool. You must take care of it in order to cut losses and maximize profit. Most road traffic crashes can be avoided with preventive measures and effective driver education. Both factors are extremely important in our region, where constantly growing cities and vehicle fleets lead to a high number of traffic crashes and injuries.

CEPA has several fleet safety management and driver training tools available to help you enhance fleet driver safety and reduce crash-related costs to a minimum.

Proven track record throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

CEPA was founded in 1987 by group of traffic safety technicians, engineers, and experts. Our mission is to educate drivers and develop efficient Fleet Management and Driver Safety Programs. With over 25 years experience with multinational corporations and public organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, CEPA has a team of more than 50 professionals dedicated to studying, developing, and implementing efficient traffic safety solutions.

Based on our quality policy, we adapt our Fleet Safety Management and Driver Education Programs to fit our clients’ specific needs. These programs are continuously assessed and compared to your fleet drivers’ daily driving routines, thus allowing us to suggest the best way to improve their road safety as well as provide innovative solutions for any traffic-related issue that may arise.

CEPA Safe Drive: an exclusive loss control program

This solution was developed exclusively for road crash loss control with the following characteristics:

  • Simple in its conception.
  • Practical in its application.
  • Effective in the results attained.

The most complete driver training programs

Purpose and Aims: Our Driver Training Programs analyze, review and discuss key road safety issues. The theoretical module is aimed at enhancing participants’ awareness of safe driving topics.

The hands-on module assesses driving skills through a series of exercises that simulate critical traffic situations faced by fleet drivers on a daily basis.

Services tailored to your specific needs

Theoretical and practical training tools

The hands-on module assesses driving skills through a series of exercises that simulate critical traffic situations faced by fleet drivers on a daily basis.

Cepa Driving System

This product is aimed at training company staff members as CEPA System Trainers. These employees will be responsible for coaching other company drivers, thus multiplying road safety knowledge and culture throughout your organization.

BTW - Passenger Vehicle and Pickup Truck

The primary aim of the Behind the Wheel Program for Passenger Vehicles and Pickup Trucks is making drivers aware of safe driving skills intended to avoid road crashes and improve driver behavior.


Driving a 4WD vehicle in an off road environment requires a well prepared driver and vehicle. CEPA developed a training program aimed at preparing drivers to safely and efficiently operate a 4WD vehicle in an off-road environment.

BTW – Commercial Motor Vehicles

Transporting goods and/or passengers safely requires special and on-going training of those employees responsible for operating a commercial motor vehicle.
CEPA adapts its Comprehensive Fleet Safety Programs to fit the specific needs of each Company.

Motor Vehicle Crash Analysis and Investigation Service

Motor vehicle collisions are investigated and reconstructed in situ or based on evidence collected by third party. Immediate/root causes and contributing factors are analyzed and explained in a technical-scientific report, which includes an animated crash reconstruction video to help clarify the conclusions reached by CEPA’s crash investigation and analysis team.

Fleet Safety Program Monitor

This program provides technical safe driving knowledge to staff members in charge of assessing the driving skills of new hires and/or tenured company drivers. This special training activity includes forms, guides, informative material, and a direct communication channel with CEPA.

En Route Assessment

The En Route Assessment program is aimed at evaluating your Field Reps’/employees’ safe driving skills and behaviors. The assessment process will allow the CEPA Driving Assessor to identify the attendee’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and determine strengths/limitations as well as incorrect habits and unsafe behaviors, which will be used in future training sessions.

Training on The Job

A CEPA Driving Instructor rides along with your Field Rep/employee while s/he performs her/his daily work routine. During the ride-along incorrect driving habits detected during an En Route Assessment or any other training program are reviewed and the safe driving skill practiced. An initial work plan is designed according to the attendee’s driving skill. Upon completion another work plan is developed, including strategies and routines the driver must practice in her/his daily driving activities.

Electronic tools
Data Center: all-in-one tool

The Data Center was created to support and manage our Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program. Managed by Traffic Safety Engineers, it encompasses a web-based communication system that records fleet activities, including:

  • General fleet driver data.
  • Detailed driver training performance data.
  • Traffic fines, incidents and/or collisions involving fleet drivers/vehicles.
  • Driver classification.
  • Fleet mileage.
  • On a monthly or tri-monthly basis, the Data Center issues and forwards statistical reports to fleet managers, including: mileage, vehicles involved in accidents, accidents per million miles (APMM), analysis of accidents occurred in a given period, practical recommendations regarding collisions, and the fundamentals to steer the Program.

Moreover, the Data Center advises Company personnel in charge of developing and/or implementing Fleet Safety Policies, Plans, and Programs on any aspects that may require dedicated attention as well as regional/local factors to be emphasized.

CEPA Data Center is a flexible tool that can be tailored to your Company’s specific needs.

Driver Assessment

An innovative and exclusive web-based tool developed by CEPA to: assess your drivers’ traffic/fleet safety knowledge and personality traits.


Through this online training course, your fleet drivers will be able to study with no fixed schedule and at their own pace. They will be trained to develop preventive actions aimed at avoiding traffic risks. The acquired knowledge will then be evaluated in a final exam.

Assessment & Learning Pack

A special product that encompasses two online tools, CEPA Driver Assessment and E-learning. Following a general driver knowledge assessment (Driver Assessment Program), individual improvement opportunities are identified and training provided by the E-learning tool. It is a quick solution adapted to fit your drivers’ specific needs.

CEPA e-Tips

Forwarded periodically to participants, this tool includes relevant traffic safety information that will help fleet drivers achieve your Company’s Fleet Safety goals and targets.

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