CEPA Data Center

All the information you need to manage your fleet just a mouse click away

The Data Center Department was created to support and manage your Company’s fleet safety program. A team of data analysts and an online management tool provide the necessary means for you to collect, store, and manage fleet activities and events, including:

  • General fleet driver data.
  • Detailed fleet driver training performance data.
  • Traffic fines, incidents and/or collisions involving fleet vehicles and their consequences.
  • Identification of high-risk and potential high-risk drivers.
  • Fleet mileage.
  • Other relevant data.

On a monthly or tri-monthly basis, the Data Center Department develops and disseminates statistical result reports to fleet safety program managers, including: mileage, number of fleet vehicles, number of events, and crash indicators. A fleet crash analysis and recommendation report will also be disseminated, thus allowing you to steer your Company’s fleet safety program into the future.

Besides collecting, storing, and disseminating information, the Data Center Department advises Company personnel responsible for developing and/or implementing Fleet Safety Plans and Programs on specific aspects to be focused on as well as regional and/or local factors that may require special attention.

This fleet safety management platform (CEPA Data Center) is a flexible tool that can be customized to fit the needs of each Company.

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