BTW Program 1 - Commercial Motor Vehicles

Behind the Wheel

Big rig, major responsibility

This program develops defensive driving routines for commercial drivers considering a pre-trip, trip, and post-trip sequence. We have devised an exclusive training program aimed at analyzing and generating solutions for the most relevant traffic-related problems specifically related to commercial motor vehicles.

The theoretical and hands-on training activities will develop drivers’ professional behavior, educating them for better driving and more technical, efficient, and safer road traffic performance.

Participating in the theoretical module allows drivers to:

  • Be aware of the consequences of traffic crashes.
  • Understand the responsibility of driving a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Analyze the unit’s characteristics, configuration, and features.
  • Understand the importance of vehicle maintenance and regular inspections.
  • Identify, assess, predict, and control traffic risks.
  • Study the factors that may impair driving skills.
  • Analyze vehicle dynamics and limitations.
  • Understand the importance of using the vehicle’s safety features.

Hands-on training consists of:

  • Practicing efficient and safe driving techniques for complex and highly complex maneuvers in reduced space, performed in a test track.
  • Assessment and training conducted on public roadways, aimed at improving driving performance in traffic.

Duration of the activity

Theoretical module: 4 hours (tailored to fit your Company’s specific needs)

Hands-on module: Each driver will spend 20-30 minutes practicing on a test track and/or 30-40 minutes on public roadways.

Reports and certificates

An individual performance report and attendance certificate will be issued for each participant.


Theoretical Module: Venue or classroom large enough for the number of participants, equipped with multimedia projector, whiteboard or flipchart.

Hands-on Module: Vehicle(s) similar to the one(s) used by participants in their daily work activities and a test track or area to set up the hands-on exercises.

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